ServiceEdge Solutions, LLC. is a geospatial IT company specializing in the development of software applications and tools to support the transportation industry within the areas of transportation planning, travel demand forecasting, operations management, service planning, strategic planning, land use analysis, market analysis and asset management.  Our GIS-based solutions are recognized as both innovative and effective as our development approach is to streamline and simplify complex client workflows through intuitive software design, managed data integration procedures, and flexible reporting, mapping and data visualization products.  Our mission is to provide our clients with services and flexible software solutions which satisfy existing requirements, enable innovation through data and process integration, and have the longevity to meet customer requirements in an evolving technology landscape.  

At ServiceEdge Solutions, constructing incredibly efficient and effective customer software solutions is what we do best.   Our solutions utilize cutting-edge technologies to provide our customers with the right technology fit for their enterprise. 

With expertise in Microsoft, ESRI, Oracle development and database products, our solutions integrate the wide range of client enterprise data stores with select technologies which match client architecture